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Recipes for cooking with Shiitake and oyster mushrooms

Our book on this topic is available from the pala-verlag (german language only):


Nicola Krämer / Jutta Grimm

Shiitake und Austernpilze


Growing mushrooms in your garden
Vegetarian recipes

144 pages, 8.80 Euro / 16.00 sFr
ISBN: 3-89566-184-8 Hardcover (Format: approx. 17x12 cm)
Printed on 100% recycling paper









In addition to more than 110 recipes, e.g. soups salads and dishes from the oven, there are tips on storing and preserving mushroom, buying tips (how do you recognise good quality?) and information on nutrients contained.
in addition to detailed growing instructions the book also contains answers to ‘frequently asked questions’.

Unfortunately, this book is currently out of print.


Here is an example recipe from our book “Shiitake und Austernpilze”:


Tofu and mushroom dish for the frying pan:

One tablespoon of soja sauce
4 tablespoons of water
150 g Tofu
250 g pickled soja shoots
300 g fresh shii-take mushrooms
Sesame oil (where another neutral tasting cooking oil)
Sweet chilli sauce
Sherry (according to taste)


Mix soja sauce and water. Cube the tofu and put in the soya source for about 1 hour.
well drained the Sawyer shoots.
Clean the shii-take mushrooms and cut into thin slices.
he the oil in a wok or large frying pan and saute the mushrooms for several minutes while stirring. add the soja shoots and steam for a short period. push the mixture to the edge of the wok or frying pan. Fry the tofu with a small amount of oil and mix all ingredients together carefully.
Flavour with the chilli sauce and sherry.
Serve with rice.


General tips on cooking with mushrooms

You can treat shii-take mushrooms in the same way as champignons or oyster mushrooms, for example as a mushroom omelette, fried in butter or breaded. It is easy to preserve fresh mushrooms by allowing them to dry in the air. When you come to use them later, you will find that the mushroom taste is even stronger.

Dried shii-take mushrooms are above all good for use in sauces. Put them in water before use until they get soft again.


© Nicola Krämer. Mushroom spawn and growing advice since 1999