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Pink oyster mushroom (Pleurotus salmoneostramineus)

The pink oyster mushroom or flamingo mushroom (Pleurotus salmoneo-stramineus) is a mushroom which likes warmth. So it is probably best to grow it on straw in Germany because otherwise, inoculated logs may well not survive the cold winters. If you do try to grow it on wood, this should be protected in the winter (cover up the logs with insulation).

It is easy to grow indoors throughout the year on straw pellets in flower pots. The grain spawn we supply is of course also suitable for growing this mushroom on straw bales.



Suitable wood types: Beech, willow, poplar, maple, elm alder, birch or straw.











Profile of the pink oyster mushroom

Taste and preparation:

The colour of the pink oyster mushroom changes doing cooking to orange brown. It has a powerful aroma when fully cooked, and even tastes a bit like bacon.

Production and marketing:

Rare to find on the marketplace. Good growers sell it on regional markets. If you are able to find fresh mushrooms on the market, go-ahead and buy them

Growing in the garden:

Easy to grow on straw bales or straw pellets. However, it only grows well indoors or in the garden in Summer. You should protect inoculated logs in the Winter against frost.

Our products:
Grain spawn for pink oyster mushrooms


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