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Lung oyster mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius)

The lung oyster mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius) is similar to the oyster mushroom but the flesh is more succulent. In addition, the edges of the cap are wavy or fringed, which has given the mushroom its name.


Fruiting bodies often grow in the Summer months. It is easy to grow on wood and straw and is very tasty






Profile of lung oyster mushrooms

Taste and preparation:

The lung oyster mushroom is more firm to the bite and fleshy than the oyster mushroom, but the taste is similar. You can season it to your own taste and mixed with herbs.

Large and small fruiting bodies are harvested together as bunches or clusters. Don't cut up the individual mushrooms too small, since they shrink a lot during cooking or frying, just like all mushrooms.

The caps of each of the mushrooms joins onto the stalks without a clear division. In the case of larger mushrooms, you can cut out and remove the thicker part of the stalk because it can be quite tough to eat.

Production and marketing:

We do not have any information on that.

Growing in the garden:

Easy to grow on logs. Good harvest.

Our products:
Grsin spawn for lung oyster mushrooms


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